Since the establishment of Miriam College Grade School, the Grade School Library and Audio-Visual Office were located in separate rooms at the far end of the ground floor of what was then known as Building 2 (now Our Lady of Fatima Hall).  Over the decades, library acquisitions as well as the increase in the student population posed challenges in the efficient delivery of services and the capacity of the reading areas to accommodate library users.

For better management and organization, the Library and AV office was merged into the Library Media Center (LMC) in School Year 2002 – 2003.  In the same year, library computerization was implemented throughout the institution to improve the organization and record-keeping of print and non-print materials and to allow users to determine the availability of resources wherever library they are in the campus.

Under the leadership of Dr. Ma. Corazon R. Reyes, Principal of the Grade School then, construction of a new building to house the LMC began in 2003.  The building was completed in June 2004. The LMC transferred in August and the building was inaugurated in November of the same year.   Among the features of the new LMC Building are the top of the line audio-visual equipment and recording facilities, well-planned and spacious viewing rooms, and a library lay-out design that facilitates reading and research.  The library, which occupies the entire second floor of the building, has bigger reading areas furnished with natural and pastel-colored furniture, a cooler air-conditioning system, better acoustics and lighting, computers for internet use and multimedia materials, electronic attendance monitoring system, and a security system.  The much-improved physical atmosphere in the library has made it one of the most frequented places in campus.

The fully-functional LMC Building also houses the Grade 8 students and teachers on the third and fourth floors.

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