Audio Visual Services

Borrowing of Non-Print Materials

The borrowing and returning of AV materials and equipment are done at the AV Center.  Borrowers need only to accomplish the Borrower’s Slip.  AV materials are for classroom use only.

Only teachers are allowed to borrow non-print materials.  However, a student may borrow non-print materials if she presents a Borrower’s Slip that has been accomplished and signed by a teacher.

There are no overdue fines or charges for AV materials.

Viewing Facilities and Technical Support

The LMC Audio-Visual Center provides viewing facilities as well as technical support to teachers and student to make learning interesting and interactive.  The following services are available:

 Class Viewing.  Viewing Rooms are available for multi-media classes, all equipped with computers, projectors, TV, players and sound system.

 Previewing.  A Previewing Room is available where teachers can take a look  at AV materials before they use them in the classes.

 Recording Service.  A fully-equipped Recording Room is available where teachers and students can use to make create their own production.

Technical Assistance.  Two AV technicians are available to assist teachers in the use of multi-media equipment.


Reservation of the recording room and viewing rooms are done on a first come – first served basis.  Teachers must accomplish a Reservation Slip (AV Form 1) as well as other forms for reserving equipment at the AV Center at least three (3) days before usage of the room.

Teachers who wish to view materials may request an AV staff to open the Preview Room for his/her use. 

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